Sky is Yours!

Revolution has begun

The aerial industrial revolution has begun.

iROBOTICS, Inc., as a drone solution innovator, pursue drone projects to lead the industrial revolution in the sky.


Large Scale Plant Solution


Providing large scale plant solutions such as maintenance, servailance, security etc. In additio, iROBOTICS specifically develops physical operation drones such as paiting, washing and material handling.

Construction Solution

Providing solutions to tall buildings, infrastructure facilities and construction site.

A construction worker control a pouring
Drone - electronic speed control (ESC) r
Training & Research

Providing training and research consulting to the enterprise businesses who consider to dive into drone market. 




After succeeded in the inaugural "Japan Innovation Challenge" robotics contest, iROBOTICS has been established since 2016. Although it is still a young company, iROBOTICS has been considered as one of the most innovative and experienced drone companies in Japan.

Its history started as unofficial study group "industrial robotics study circle" and then developed to be a corporation to attack to many social problems with latest robotics technologies.

iROBOTICS operates a laboratory facility in Kawachi City, Ibaraki Pref., namerly "Drone Field Kawachi"(aka DFK). At DFK, we are doing many projects and development.

iROBOTICS was funded by Drone Fund, one of the largest single industry focus fund, at the time of establishment and has been a main portfolio member of that fund.

<CEO> Yoshiyasu Ando

<Establishment> Nov 11th, 2016

<Partners> Heavy Industries, Real Estate Developers, IT Companies, Telecom Companies, Consulting Firms

<Banks> Mizuho bank (Ginza), SMBC bank (Shinjuku Nishiguchi), Rakuten bank




DFK is our main R&D facility and maintenance center.

DFK has been a open innovation model case of rural cities to turn the old facility to the latest tech lab.

Research Lab.


iROBOTICS conducts many of market research papers and focus vendor investigation for government bodies and corporations as well as training and event organization.



Head Quarter
GUILD Dogenzaka #6
​1-16-6 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 150-0043 Japan

Drone Field Kawachi
7501-2 Kanaetsu Kawachi-Machi Inashiki-Gun,

Ibaraki 300-1403 Japan

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